The Cornell Aikido Club offers Aikido instruction and training for all levels. New members are accepted year-round! If you are new to Aikido or just want to brush up on the basics, the club offers a beginner’s class at the beginning of every fall semester.

Normally, our practice times are:

but please check the announcements below for irregular hours and schedule changes. Classes are held in Teagle Hall’s gymnasium on the second floor. Please arrive 5 minutes early to help set up the room and warm up. If you arrive even earlier and see the gymnastics team is still using the gymnasium, please wait outside for them to finish.

Additionally, club members are eligible for classes at Finger Lakes Aikido free of charge!


As we often do, the first three weeks of the spring semester will be “basics” time - focusing on core concepts and movements, to get back in the flow after winter break. If you’ve been away from practice for a while, this is a great time to come back!

Dues for the spring semester are $70. Additionally, if you are a US Aikido Federation member (i.e. you have taken a kyu or dan test), please add $20, for the annual federation dues. (The total cost is $45, but the club will contribute $25.)

I hope to see you on the mats soon!